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Gigwi Refillable Catnip (Mouse) With 3 Catnip Teabags In Ziplock Bag


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> Hyper realistic mouse design
> Can be filled with catnip
> Stimulate playful behaviors in cats and kittens
> Encourages instinctual prey drive

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Gigwi mouse refillable catnip w/3 catnip teabags in ziplock bag is a cat toy boasting an incredibly realistic mouse shape and color that will be loved by your favorite felines instinctual prey drive. The toy can also be filled with natural, non-addicting catnip to provide your cat with a relaxing, free-wheeling afternoon of fun, exercise and relaxation. It comes with 3 catnip bags. The included ziplock bags maintain maximum freshness and keep your extra catnip in the necessary condition until needed.

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