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Spruce Shave Club Beard Growth Kit For Men


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  • Before you begin, do a patch test by using the Root Stimulator on the inside of your forearm and applying the Advanced Beard Growth Oil. Monitor your skin for 24 hours for any adverse effects. If you don’t experience any itching or sensitivity, you are ready to begin your Deep Root beard growth journey!
  • Sterilise your Root Stimulator before and after use. Soak in alcohol or hot water for 15 minutes prior to use and after use.
  • Use the Root Stimulator only 1-2 times a week. Begin with 1 time a week and build up over time.
  • Do not press the Root Stimulator against your skin with excessive force, use gently.
  • When using the Root Stimulator, only roll in one direction. Do not roll back and forth.
  • Do not apply the Root Stimulator in delicate areas, such as under your eyes.
  • Do not apply the Root Stimulator on areas with acne or skin conditions.


Spruce Shave Club’s DIY Deep Root Beard Growth Kit for Men is your one-stop-shop for beard growth and care. Our Beard Growth Kit for men comes with a Charcoal Face Wash enhanced with mandarin and frankincense, a beard activator roller known as the Root Stimulator and Spruce’s Advanced Beard Growth Oil for men. The 3 elements of the DIY Deep Root Beard Growth Kit work together to deliver faster, healthier beard growth. This kit brings the quality of professional beard care solutions to your home.

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Roller, Oil,Charcoal Face Wash

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