If a product is eligible for return, Veppy enables returns within fifteen days of your receipt of the package. Under no circumstances may products that are not eligible for returns be returned. A product won’t be accepted for return unless the consumer has been informed that it is acceptable.

Depending on where you are, it could take up to a week for a product you return to reach us. Please give us up to two (2) business days to receive and process your returned product when it arrives at our fulfillment center. The refund may take up to seven (7) to fourteen (14) business days to be credited after the return is completed. The returned item’s state will determine your refund. Only items that fit the following criteria will be approved as returnable.

General terms that apply to all returnees:

In the event that a product is returned and does not adhere to any of Veppy’s rules or conditions, Veppy reserves the right to return the product to the consumer. If the merchandise cannot be returned, the client will not be eligible for any refunds. We will make two (2) tries to bring the product back to the customer if a product is denied for a return request at any point. If both delivery efforts are unsuccessful, we will store the merchandise in our delivery hub for three (3) business days. Within three (3) business days of the final attempt that was notified, the customer may submit a request for an additional try to our customer care staff. We can arrange for the last attempt to be delivered within two (2) business days if we receive the customer’s request for another attempt within three (3) business days of the last attempt that was notified. If we don’t, the item will be sent for liquidation, and the customer won’t be able to request delivery of the product again.