1. Veppy warranty policy helps you stay covered in case of defects in material, design, and workmanship after purchase of the product.
  2. Other electronic device accessories, with the exception of Apple devices (accessories warranty: 1 year), are covered by a six-month warranty beginning on the date of delivery.
  3. The pickup and delivery addresses for the claimed item will be registered at the address given during the Warranty claim request. This cannot be altered.
  4. Warranty repairs will be taken care of by authorized service centers. In instances where products are bought through a seller that is not us, the terms of the respective seller’s warranty will apply.
  5. To use warranty services, the serial number must be verified and the warranty period must be supported by the original invoice.
  6. The right to an extension or renewal of the warranty period is not granted by repair or replacement performed in accordance with the conditions of this warranty.The maker of your equipment sets the terms of the warranty.
  7. To prevent any damage during shipment, the customer must make sure the item is safely wrapped or packaged in its original box. If the packaging is not done safely which leads to damage, Veppy will not be responsible for the same and the claimed item will be returned to the customer without servicing.
  8. Warranty services provided by sellers other than Veppy, are not the responsibility of Veppy.